Davood Gozli

Explorations of Selfhood & Community

Why Carl Jung?

I will be facilitating a three-part online seminar on Carl Jung at Incite Seminars, beginning on November 30. See the link for details. The reading material for the seminar will be provided to the participants. Why read Carl Jung? A characteristic of complex thinkers is that they enable each reader to form a different relationship with them, finding their own reasons to engage with their work. If there is a.. Read More

On Gratitude

A first observation about gratitude could be that it’s not easy. It goes against our common, habitual tendencies. Our attention goes effortlessly to the things that hurt, irritate, or annoy us, just as much as we forget nearly everything that helps us, enables us, and extends the reach of our experience. A teacher notices the one student who is not paying attention in class. Although she is aware of many.. Read More