I have written a short article published on Halkyon: Thinkers Guild. You can read the article here (or download the PDF file). My thinking on this topic has started quite recently, influenced by others including Jan Smedslund, Mark Freeman, Jens Mammen, and Niels Engelsted. Because the ideas are still alive and new in my mind, I would appreciate any feedback from interested readers.

Now a few words about Halkyon and its founder.

Halkyon is a new online community founded by Johannes Achill Niederhauser. You can watch his announcement video below, which contains descriptions of this community and the vision behind it.

I have been following Johannes’s work since last September. What he is doing is important. His work is devoted to reviving the spirit of classical philosophy, which is as much about thinking as it is about living. The standpoint, and the task, to which Johannes invites us, is not about passive contemplation of ideas. It is not about finding a detached position safely removed from reality. The task is to find our way back to a world with which we can exist harmoniously and with dignity. That is why I’d encourage both colleagues and students to check out his work.

This might be a good place to start: