Beginning 2020

Let us begin 2020 with attention to a tweet chain by angrybiomed. The tweets pick up an important theme, to which many of us pay lip service. The chain begins by saying that a decent paper has been viewed only twice:

Then we get into some diagnostic work.

Clarifying the problem further, I believe, clears the way for better forms of scholarly life. And, yes, at least in this case I do prefer using the phrase “scholarly life” rather than “scholarly work”.

In the 5th chapter of my book, I talk explicitly about “the task of being an experimental psychologist”. I talk about how this task is most optimally performed when we are mindless. The entire book could be seen as a case against optimizing and efficiency. A case against being a “recognizable”, uncreative, fast, busy, “employable”, “promote-able” academic.

I hope a few people find the book in 2020, take the time to read it, and to see ONE way in which we can go beyond lip-service and work in accordance to higher principles.