I am currently organizing two groups. None of these are meant to be “academic” groups. They are meant to be explorative, accessible, and informed by the real-life concerns of the individuals who participate in them. You can join either/both of the groups at any time through my Patreon page (I will get in touch with you via email soon after you register). Our meetings are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, from 10 AM to 11:30 AM, Eastern Time.

Reading Group

(Record of past meetings)

Current Schedule

The plan for the first half of this year is to read and talk about a collection of essays by Umberto Eco (1932 – 2016), Inventing the Enemy & Other Occasional Writings. The essays were translated by Richard Dixon and published by Mariner Books in 2013.

The first essay is also assigned reading for a free event at my Toronto Meetup group (“Connecting through Books”) in case you’d like to sample the collection.

Jan 16, 2022  Inventing the Enemy

Jan 30, 2022  Absolute and Relative

Feb 13, 2022 The Beauty of the Flame

Feb 27, 2022 Treasure Hunting

March 13, 2022 Fermented Delights & No Embryos in Paradise (two essays)

March 27, 2022 Hugo, Hélas! The Poetics of Excess

April 10, 2022 Censorship and Silence & Living by Proverbs (two essays)

April 24, 2022 Imaginary Astronomies

May 8, 2022 I Am Edmond Dantès!

May 22, 2022 Ulysses: That’s All We Needed…

June 5, 2022 Why the Island is Never Found

June 19, 2022 Thoughts on WikiLeaks

Writers’ Group

This group currently meets twice a month, every other Sunday (10:00 – 11:30 AM EST). New members are welcome! The aim of the group is to energize our individual writing projects through a sense of community and support. We get together once a month to talk about our goals, observations, obstacles, and resources. You don’t need to have a clear or “serious” plan to be a part of this group. You might want to experiment with keeping a diary, or a dream journal, or a blog about films; you might want to keep track of and reflect more systematically on what you read; or, you might want to write a book. In my experience, pursuing any of these goals would benefit from having a group of people with whom you can freely discuss about writing.