Reading Group: Texts & Schedule

All sessions begin at 12:00 pm Eastern Time. To join us, register at Tier 2 (‘Patreon Videos & Reading Group’) on my Patreon page. Joining the group will also give you immediate access to over a hundred Patreon-exclusive videos, including the series on (a) Beginning Theory, (b) Better Living through Criticism, (c) Understanding Poststructuralism, (d) Deconstruction & Pragmatism, and (e) Exile and the Kingdom.

May and June 2024

Exile and the Kingdom‘ by Albert Camus (translated by Carol Cosman). Vintage Books, 2007. Originally published by Gallimard in 1957.

  • May 4: “The Adulterous Woman”
  • May 11: “The Renegade, or A Confused Mind”
  • May 18: “The Voiceless” (Also translated as “The Silent Men”)
  • May 25: “The Guest”
  • June 1: “Jonas, or the Artist at Work”
  • June 8: “The Growing Stone”

June and July 2024

Scenes of Clerical Life‘ (Short Stories) by George Eliot. Originally published by William Blackwood & Sons, 1858.

  • June 22 & 29: “The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton”
  • July 6 & 13: “Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story”
  • July 20 & 27: “Janet’s Repentance”

Session 1 vs. Session 2

For the first in each pair of sessions (e.g., June 22), you don’t have to read the entire short story. Read as much of it as you can, expecting that we will be keeping the conversation open and trying to wrap up in the second meeting (e.g., June 29).

Our reading group offers a space for dialogue and philosophical community. Each member’s perspective plays a role in shaping the character of the group. Our group is a mix of long-time members and newcomers. You don’t need any formal academic background to join us. The list of texts we have covered, thus far, is available here. You don’t need to be familiar with the previous texts to join in the discussions. Register at Tier 1 to access the recording of our past sessions. Register at Tier 2 to join our Saturday conversations.