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The Epistemic Burdens of the Atomized Individual: The Side View Essay

I have written an essay for The Side View (TSV). You can read my full essay here. To give you a flavor of the essay, I am including two excerpts from it here. The first passage is about how our desire for information (about someone) has to be distinguished from connecting (to that someone). … in our desire to reconnect, we overestimate the role of¬†impersonal¬†knowledge. A contrived example can clarify.. Read More

3 Reasons to Read Freud

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), known by some as the only true genius in the history of psychology, is a vastly misunderstood and misrepresented thinker. He is misrepresented in popular media as much as he is misrepresented in university classrooms. He is simplified and caricatured on PowerPoint slides by people who never read a page written by him. I think it is important to return to Freud, to take him seriously, to.. Read More

Finding Your Passion in Psychology: A Method of Study

It is common for senior undergrads or post-grads in Psychology to lose their interest. They forget why they had decided to enter into Psychology in the first place. Even when (or perhaps especially because) they get involved in a line of research, they might become cynical, practical, confused, mirroring the attitude of many of their professors (who, if their conference-drinking habits are any indication, have become maximally practical, cynical, and.. Read More

Psychology as Counter-Discipline (An Introduction)

What is a good way to introduce yourself to someone? I hadn’t given this question much thought. But I started asking it when I read Rachel Haywire‘s tweet, “Where can I get an introduction to your work?” Is there an introductory place in my work? A place that is appropriate for new friends and interlocutors? I can search for such a place now, or ex post facto call an article.. Read More

Brief Article on Poetic Psychology (& Halkyon)

I have written a short article published on Halkyon: Thinkers Guild. You can read the article here (or download the PDF file). My thinking on this topic has started quite recently, influenced by others including Jan Smedslund, Mark Freeman, Jens Mammen, and Niels Engelsted. Because the ideas are still alive and new in my mind, I would appreciate any feedback from interested readers. Now a few words about Halkyon and.. Read More