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Criticism, Philosophy, & Love: An Exchange with Javier Rivera

My friend, Javier Rivera, has posted a video about the relationship between religion and philosophy. Specifically, he talks about the duty of philosophers to ask, “What is religion?” Javier points out the dominant tendency in philosophers to fixate on their own discipline, asking again and again, “What is philosophy?” but a similar kind of (philosophical) attention is rarely devoted to religion. What we need, Javier argues, is a philosophical interest.. Read More

A Different Kind of Loss

Having a good conversation about a painful topic is bittersweet. Having a good conversation about loss, for instance, has sweetness mixed with the core bitterness of the topic, and I think the sweetness comes from the truth we discover and the understanding we come to share. Even loss–and our attention to loss–can become a way of connecting with others, a way of discovering and sharing insights. A few days ago,.. Read More

Videos on Don Quixote (Cervantes)

In my list of 22 books for the year 2022, Don Quixote was number one. While reading the novel, I also read a little from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lectures on Don Quixote, and I made references to Nabokov on Parts II and III. I enjoyed these livestreams and I’d like to continue doing them, despite the interruptions and disfluencies. I am going to miss Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, after having.. Read More

Videos on Sigmund Freud

We are working through Fathali Moghaddam’s Great Ideas in Psychology with a group of students. Our next topic (Chapter 4) is “the Freudian Unconscious.” Here I am collecting some of the videos I have posted about Freud and you can watch them in the order they appear below. Feel free to add comments or questions below the page. On Anthony Storr’s Very Short Introduction to Freud On Freud’s Outline of.. Read More

Never Just…

I have been listening to a few songs from K Republic’s 2010 album, All Those Things I Left Behind, and I have been really enjoying them, especially the first song in the album (“Speed”). What is significance to me, at this moment, about the experience of listening and loving music is that such an experience is never just about listening to one particular song, it is never just about enjoying.. Read More