Past Meetings

July to December 2022. Basic Writings of Immanuel Kant (What is Enlightenment? Idea for a Universal History with Cosmopolitan Intent; selections from Critique of Pure Reason; Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals; selections from Critique of Practical Reason; selections from Critique of Judgment; selections from Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone)

January to June 2022. Umberto Eco’s Inventing the Enemy & Other Occasional Writings (Inventing the Enemy; Absolute and Relative; The Beauty of the Flame; Treasure Hunting; Fermented Delights; No Embryos in Paradise; Hugo, Hélas! The Poetics of Excess; Censorship and Silence; Living by Proverbs; Imaginary Astronomies; I Am Edmond Dantès!; Ulysses: That’s All We Needed…; Why the Island is Never Found; Thoughts on WikiLeaks)

September to December 2021. Ernesto Laclau’s On Populist Reason (Populism: Ambiguities and Paradoxes; Le Bon: Suggestion and Distorted Representations; Suggestion, Imitation, Identification; The ‘People’ and the Discursive Production of Emptiness; Floating Signifiers and Social Heterogeneity; Populism, Representation and Democracy)

June to August 2021. The Jung Reader, Edited by David Tacey (General Introduction: Jung’s Analytic Psychology; Basic Postulates of Analytic Psychology; The Stages of Life; The Relation between the Ego and the Unconscious; On the Concept of the Archetype; Phenomenology of Self)

Current Schedule and Texts

Writers’ Group

The aim of the group is to energize our individual writing projects through a sense of community and support. We get together twice a month to talk about our goals, observations, obstacles, and resources. You don’t need to have a clear or serious writing project to be a part of this group. You might want to experiment with keeping a diary, or a dream journal, or a blog about films; you might want to keep track of and reflect more systematically on what you read; or, you might want to write a book. In my experience, pursuing any of these goals would benefit from having a group of people with whom you can freely discuss about writing.