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User-Experience (UX) Research Interviews

The following seven interviews were conducted during the October and November of 2022. The interviewees represent a diverse group of paths into, and fields within, User-Experience Research. Therefore, the interviews serve as a good, general introduction to the field for those interested in learning about it. More interviews are available on my YouTube channel.

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General Psychology Phenomenology

Kundera & the Poetic Imagination

Milan Kundera’s novel, Life is Elsewhere, contains both a celebration and a critique of poetry (aren’t the best critiques rooted in love?). The main characteristic of poetry, which is the target of his critique, is the force of poetic imagination toward finality. The poet, like a god, doesn’t simply consider a possibility; she creates and proclaims! “Look at what I have created!” What is created presents itself as always having been there, as a fate,…

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Ezzat Goushegir (on Writing)

“My heart never feels as connected to life as when I am writing. In writing, I find my freedom, a freedom that is absolute, a freedom I have never found in any other activity. In writing, I find myself and begin to know others. It is in writing that I think of causes and effects, and I search for answers to my questions. And, sometimes, I don’t even search, because sometimes it doesn’t matter, and…

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Criticism Culture Philosophy

The Burnout Society (Byung-Chul Han)

I think it was sometime during the summer of 2018 that my friend Peter Limberg gave me a copy of the Agony of Eros. That was my introduction to Byung-Chul Han. Han is an aphoristic philosopher, carrying the influence of Nietzsche quite visibly. He engages with cultural and social topics in a way that is timely, counter-intuitive, counter-comfort, and counter-status quo. I’ve been considering a systematic–and somewhat exhaustive–review of his works published in English. This…

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book review Culture Data Science

Review of ‘the Tyranny of Metrics’ by Jerry Z. Muller

Among the books I have recently borrowed from the library, Jerry Muller’s (2018) book, the Tyranny of Metrics, has been the one I’d like to purchase a copy of and keep at hand for future reference. Muller is a historian who has written books on Adam Smith, various aspects of capitalism, and the history of conservative political thought. The initial seed for the Tyranny of Metrics, he writes in the introduction, was a series of…

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