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Scenes from Clerical Life: Reading George Eliot’s Short Stories – June & July 2024

Following our discussions on Albert Camus’ Exile and the Kingdom, we will turn our attention to George Eliot’s Scenes from Clerical Life. We will have a series of six sessions, two sessions dedicated to each of Eliot’s short stories, from June 22nd to July 27th. Here is the plan: About George Eliot George Eliot, the pen name of Mary Ann Evans (1819 – 1880), is among the most highly regarded novelists of the Victorian era.…

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Philosophy Psychology in Everyday Life Reading Group

The Evolution of a Collaborative Reading Community

A unique reading group, started by a PhD holder in psychology and YouTuber, breaks the mold of typical book clubs. This post describes the group’s laid-back approach to discussing a wide range of texts, emphasizing open dialogue, philosophical pluralism, connection to everyday life, and personal perspectives. Find out what makes these discussions so engaging, and get a sneak peek at their future plans.

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Culture General Update Philosophy Reading Group

Forthcoming Group Discussions: Deconstruction & Pragmatism

I have selected the next book for our Saturday reading group, which we will begin in January: Deconstruction & Pragmatism. I’ve chosen it for several reasons. This book is an excellent choice for both new and existing members. It’s an exciting next step following our recent discussions on Understanding Poststructuralism, and stands out for being brief, accessible, and engaging. The book is a collection of contributions from Simon Critchley, Jacques Derrida, Ernesto Laclau, Richard Rorty,…

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Reading Group

Reading Together Umberto Eco’s _Inventing the Enemy & Other Occasional Writings_

Over a period of five months, we read this collection of “occasional writings” by Umberto Eco (translated to English by Richard Dixon). Today was the final session, where we discussed Eco’s short essay on Wikileaks. Discussing this collection together with our small group has been the longest and best-sustained group project, thus far, associated with my YouTube Channel and Patreon. I am very grateful to everyone who attended the sessions, hoping you all know how…

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