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First Person Singular (Haruki Murakami) 1: “Creme”

The short story “Creme” is the first in the recently published Haruki Murakami collection, First Personal Singular (Ichininshō Tansū), translated to English by Philip Gabriel. The story’s title hints at the French expression crème de la crème, which refers to the very best part or the very best instance of something. We could, therefore, regard the story as an attempt at describing what is best in life. But this strategy only amplifies the strangeness.. Read More

The Solitude of Teaching

The teacher’s solitude is a burden as much as it is a necessity. This necessary burden is the product of a boundary we ought to protect. The teacher must absorb his or her disappointments, rather than react to them immediately and impulsively. Although the classroom is a “home,” for both the teacher and the students, the teacher doesn’t always have to feel at home. The feeling of being home is.. Read More

What Is Boredom?

I have started a weekly Zoom session, open to all psychology students at University of Macau, in order to provide a small support system for students (at least at the level of something being available) and to experiment with an unstructured and informal educational setting. The plan is to meet on Wednesdays, for only one hour each time, and talk about a topic in an informal and casual manner. Today.. Read More

Review of “The End of the Free Market” by Ian Bremmer

The title of this book, The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War between States and Corporations? (by Ian Bremmer, 2010, published by Penguin), could have been, “Alternatives to the Free Market”, or “Challenges to…”, or “Competitions to the Free Market”, or something along those lines. The book is organized with reference to the distinction between free market capitalism and command economy, and then he places the third.. Read More

Review of “The New World Economy” (R. C. Epping)

The New World Economy: A Beginner’s Guide; Demystifying Everything from AI to Bitcoins to Unicorns and Generation Z (by Randy Charles Epping, 2020, Vintage), promises to be a beginner’s guide in the sense that it defines or clarifies a set frequently used words and concepts, which are part of the current discourse about world economy. (terms like: trade wars, isolationism, digital economy, sharing economy, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, etc.). The proliferation of.. Read More