I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Macau. I teach courses related to cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and history of psychology. My doctoral work was in the experimental-cognitive psychology of attention (University of Toronto; advisor: Prof. Jay Pratt). In my current work, I draw from cognitive psychology, analytic philosophy, and phenomenology. The primary aim of my work is theoretical synthesis.

Current Projects:

The Fragmented Subject: An Essay on Experimental Psychology, a book in which I am developing a unifying perspective on experimental psychology grounded in common sense.

“Experimental psychology and distortions of common sense”, a chapter for T. G. Lindstad, E. Stänicke & J. Valsiner (Eds.), Respect for Reasoning; Jan Smedslund’s Legacy for Psychology.

Most recent publication:

Gozli, D.G. & Gao, C.J. (in press). Hope, exploration, and equilibrated action schemes (commentary). Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

One article?

If I have to recommend only ONE of my published articles, it would be this.

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