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Interview with Marc Applebaum

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Applebaum. We talked about his experience and education in psychological research and about how his interest was first developed in phenomenology. We also talk about phenomenological attitude, the importance of empathy with the experience of another human being, the connection between knowing someone and the style of relating to them, and how the phenomenological attitude differs from the attitude encouraged by natural scientific psychology.

I hope you find the interview interesting and useful and I hope it offers a few paths of exploration for you, including the few books we talked about in the video. I personally find Dr. Applebaum’s formulations to be both careful and clear, especially ideal for viewers who don’t have a strong background in phenomenology. I look forward to my future conversations with Dr. Applebaum. If you have questions that you’d like me to raise in a future interview, feel free to share them below (or as comments under the video).

Books mentioned in the conversation:

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