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Marginal Figure

In early February, Peter Limberg and I discussed possible ideas for a writing collaboration. Peter is the friend I mentioned at the beginning of the post Margins & Vitality. The idea of writing about the Marginal Figure appealed to both of us. The article is now available on Medium.

Peter runs the podcast, Intellectual Explorers’ Club, where he demonstrates his rare style of open-minded and insightful conversation. Unlike professional academics, Peter sees intrinsic value and beauty in ideas and models of reality and–also in contrast to professional academics–he doesn’t get too attached to any one system of ideas. His serious, explorative, and non-committal attitude makes working with him and listening to him intrinsically valuable. To sample his podcast, perhaps you could start with my favorite episode.

And, again, if you’re interested, here is our very first collaborative piece of writing: The Marginal Figure: Communities, Conflict, and Change. [update: Glenn Wallis, who himself features in our article has graciously reposted it on his website, Speculative Non-Buddhism. Here is the link to Glenn’s repost]. Comments, critique, complaint… are all welcome.

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