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Cognitive Psychology, Final Lecture (Fall 2019)

Out of the 90 students, these 17 students came to the last lecture (which was an optional make-up session). I admire their choice to attend the lecture despite the absence of any extrinsic incentive, and feel happy to know that at least ~17 students enjoyed my lectures enough to come to this last session.

What was unique about the course this semester:

  • We read and discussed the Knowledge Illusion (Sloman & Ferbnach, 2017) together, which the students generally enjoyed. It’s an easy read, engaging, and has a broad scope. Probably will keep it for future semesters
  • I tried a couple of times, including the final lecture, giving a lecture without PowerPoints, just using the whiteboard. I felt more alert and engaged, and (I think) so did the students
  • The class this semester included several students from other disciplines (English literature, Sociology, Communication) and I was happy about that.
  • The unusual class size made grading the essays more time-consuming than before, but the quality of the essays increased drastically throughout the semester and we ended the semester on a very positive note

I look forward to seeing you in my other courses. Good luck!

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